Delaware River Committee

Delaware Flows Mission Statement


NYSCTU seeks to protect and enhance the thermal ecological health and habitat of the entire Upper Delaware River system, with particular focus on the tailwater fisheries of the East Branch, West Branch, Neversink River, and more, using the best data available to support its advocacy for scientific based management of flows and releases. 


General Goals


  • Habitat Bank Management and Utilization.

1.     The Committee will gain an understanding of the components of the Habitat Bank, how they are used and who is responsible (Who, What, When Where and Why).

2.     The Committee will appoint a sub-committee to monitor process (ensure application is proper).

3.     The committee will establish triggers for utilization of the bank and develop protocols.

  • Releases managed for ecological health

1.     The Committee will work to gain an understanding and define the differences of the importance of flows verses releases

2.     The committee will appoint a technical sub-committee to gather scientific data of flows / releases necessary for the watershed.

3.     The Committee will gather data to support specific habitat needs, develop recommendations and proposals on consistent flows and releases utilizing a scientific based approach and the OAISIS Model ensuring that they are realistic and within the constraints of the system

  • The Committee will appoint a sub-committee responsible for disseminating information to the membership on the status of issues and proposed changes.
  • Maintain positive communication with all organizations working on flows issue.
The Committee will investigate the possibility of increasing cold water storage at the Cannonsville dam.