Earth Share Committee
One of the most simple and efficient ways to donate to NY Trout Unlimited is by contributing through Earth Share of New York in your workplace charity campaign. Earth Share manages environmental giving campaigns in workplaces for environmental and conservation charities, nearly sixty local, statewide, national and international organizations.

By contributing to NY Trout Unlimited through Earth Share of New York, you may pledge that a small amount of each paycheck be automatically deducted to help Conserve, Protect and Restore NY coldwater fisheries and their watersheds for trout and salmon species of NY and the FishTravel. What's more, Earth Share provides the option of giving a single gift that is distributed among all of its members, covering the widest variety of environmental and conservation issues. The choice is yours.

Participating Companies

More and more companies now allow their employees to contribute to NY Trout Unlimited through Earth Share. Among them: American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, The New York Times, American Express, Avon Products, HBO, Siemens, Gannett, Hewlett Packard, United Health Group, Sears, The Gap.

Giving as a Federal Employee

As a member of Earth Share of New York, NY Trout Unlimited  participates annually in the largest workplace giving campaign in the nation - the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for employees of the federal government and the U.S. military.
If you are a federal government or military employee working in New York State and would like to give to NY Trout Unlimited] through the CFC, please enter the CFC code number allocated to NY Trout Unlimited  in your campaign booklet on your pledge card during the next fund drive.

Find out more about Earth Share of New York

For more information about Earth Share, including how your employer can host its own campaign, view Earth Share of New York's Web site at The site contains descriptions of and contact information for Earth Share's member environmental charities, and provides a wide range of environmental resources.

Or to learn what steps you can take to help your company set up a workplace campaign with Earth Share of New York contact Ron Urban, NY State Council of Trout Unlimited Chairman at (845)339-5938 or

To contact Earth Share of New York directly:

Earth Share of New York
201 East 42nd Street,
Suite 3200
New York, NY  10017  *  USA