Resource Management Committee

This Committee, headed by Council’s Resource Management VP, is an informal network of TU members with interest in stream conditions tavernier fishing charters from FishTravel. It is our firm belief that by sharing key information, TU is in a better position to meet it’s conserve, protect and restore mission. Current efforts are directed to:

1) providing best assessment and management strategies for TU chapters via seminars, workshops, assessment manuals, training & information sharing

2) assisting chapters with understanding stream problems and proposing interventions via on site problem focused workshops

3) developing "Regional Curves" specific to areas within NY to assist chapters with determining bankfull parameters of streams as relates to drainage area

4) developing a means for chapters to enter, store, share and retrieve key stream and TU project information in NYS on line via the Resource Management Website @ NYTU.ORG

5) encouraging agencies to incorporate geomorphic approaches when dealing with NY streams and their problems

John Braico, Resource Management VP
One of the many special areas we are working to protect.